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Have you been putting off installing a backwater valve? It’s easy to put off home improvement tasks, but a backwater valve is essential to keep your home safe from stormwater flooding or sewage backup.
Our waterproofing team has years of experience installing backwater valves for residential and commercial properties throughout Toronto. If you’re not convinced that installing one is a worthwhile investment, let us convince you otherwise by explaining what a backwater valve is and how it protects your home.
Backwater Valve Installation Project

What is a Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve is also known as a sewer backwater valve, mainline backflow preventer, or backflow prevention valve. It is a preventive measure that stops the contents of your drainage pipe from making its way back into your home.
Normally, your drainage system takes sewage out of your property. But during periods of flooding and other circumstances that create pressure in the main sewer line, a reversal of flow can occur, causing the sewer line to back up and send wastewater back into your home.
The backwater valve will stop this flow reversal by automatically closing and stopping the reverse flowing contents of your drainage system from getting into your property.
A backwater valve is a small and simple device, but its value is huge, especially for protecting your property from flooding and sewage backup.

Why Install a Backwater Valve?

Thousands of Canadian homes have to deal with the aftermath of a sewage backup every year. Aside from being smelly, getting your home flooded with sewage can damage your property and possessions. It also creates a hazardous environment that breeds harmful disease-carrying agents, such as bacteria.
It’s easy to prevent this inconvenience by installing a backwater valve.
We can install a backwater valve at any of the drainpipes at the bottom of your home where floodwater may accumulate and lead to sewage flow reversal. Such pipes are usually around the basement of a building but can also be on the first floor of a property that’s situated at the bottom of a hill.
Sewer smell in a basement
If you think flooding isn’t something you have to worry about in your Toronto home, the surprise Toronto floods of 2013 make it clear that it’s better to be prepared than sorry. And with more floods occurring across Canada, the sooner you have a backwater valve installed the better.
Our team has the experience and tools to install backwater valves where necessary to prevent flooding and sewage backup in any type of commercial or residential property. We accomplish this through a comprehensive assessment of your property that identifies its vulnerable areas and indicates the appropriate measures to take.
Contact us today to discover whether your home is truly flood-proof.
Backwater Valve Installation in Toronto

Is Installing a Backwater Valve a Legal Requirement?

Many provinces in Canada make the installation of backwater valves a legal requirement. But in Toronto, it’s entirely up to you whether to install a backwater valve or not.
In fact, to have one installed, you have to first apply for a permit from the city. The application process is simple and going through the trouble is worthwhile, considering the peace of mind and long-term benefits that come with backwater valve installation.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Our team specializes in keeping backwater valve installations as simple and as quick as possible. That said, due to the unique setup of each property’s drainage system, the length of the process varies from property to property.
To ensure that you get a perfect installation that works without a hitch, we will first inspect your property and pipes to determine where and how best to perform the installation. Once we have this information, the installation process itself is quite straightforward.
Also, we promise that while performing the installation, we won’t disrupt the use of your plumbing system, meaning you can still enjoy the full use of your home while we work. And since we are professionals that deliver perfect results on the first try, you can begin enjoying the protection of your new backwater valve installation as soon as we are done.
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Get in Touch Today for Quick and Effective Backwater Valve Installation

You never know when your property might be in the path of a flood. Prepare yourself by having a backwater valve installed and stop worrying about sewage backup or floodwater wreaking havoc in your home.
We keep the installation process as quick and cost-effective as possible, delivering protection and long-term cost benefits that you can enjoy for years.
Whether your property is a large or small one, we are at your service to discuss your backwater valve installation project. And if you already have a backwater valve installed, we can help you check its condition and deliver maintenance services.
For backwater valve installation Toronto trusts, call us now to get started.

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Some homeowners wait until it’s too late to protect their homes from water damage and floods. You never know how drastically the weather can change in a few days, so it’s better to stay protected at all times. Your local sewer backup valve Toronto experts can help keep the home and office safe. A backwater valve is often the only thing separating your plumbing from the city sewer and keeping underground water from entering your home. Don’t take any chances. Contact us today to set up an appointment or service. We can install, repair, or maintain all kinds of plumbing valves.

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